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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 19, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a little warmer off to the south and to the east. 43 at patuxent naval air station. mentioned it will be cool today but we should have a lot of sunshine and it will be relatively quiet day. not much in the way of wind expected. radar showing you it's messy out there but it's just a little bit of cloudiness an off toast we have high pressure building in. so it will be a nice day and nice weekend. sunshine on saturday and sunday. i'll have those details in a minute. a lot of sunshine and 52 the daytime high and jacket weather is back. more details on the forecast in just a minute. allison and tony, back up stairs to you. now to our top story this friday morning. more problems plaguing metro. engineers meeting today to discuss a mishap at the farragut north stop where a block of ceiling fell through the season. >> and they have wrapped up investigation into hundreds of escalators. sherry ly joins us with details
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on all of that. >> reporter: first it was the problems with the escalator and now the chunk of concrete that fell through the station here at farragut north. it is just the latest of metro's problems and this morning we're learning more about how the construction work here sent that chunk of concrete into the station. the ceiling is shored up. the briefcase size of the ceiling fell on to the platform but no one was hurt. construction works had dug 8-10 inches down and the station is 15 feet below but d-dot knew there were ventilation shafts nearby. apparently a piece of roadway fell into a empty shaft and through the ceiling. passengers remain concerned. >> i thought it was a little disconcerning. >> i've seen a lot of things going on here at metro and it's kind of scary, man. >> reporter: now this comes on top of the metro escalator
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problems. they say they haveib inspected -- inspected the brakes on the escalators. board members say they should consider replacing many of the 30-year-old escalators. the metro manager said they just need to concentrate on better maintenance for now. metro is replacing the escalators at the foggy bottom station but that could take nearly a year. a report last week found that there were widespread problems at metro with their escalators. stations that were inspected, the report said all of the escalators were questionable as far as the brakes were concerned and may not be able to stop when full. that's the latest here in northwest. >> sherry, thank you very much. president barack obama meeting with world leaders in portugal this morning. today is the beginning of a weekend of summits with nato allies and european union leaders. he'll face tough questions from our european partners on his exit strategy in afghanistan.
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the president is due to sit down with the president of russia on the side lines of the nato summit. it is an exciting day on capitol hill for incoming freshman members of congress. here is the incoming class photo just taken about an hour ago. and in just minutes they'll find out what offices they'll be in for the upcoming session. it works as a lottery. congress members will draw numbers and whom ever is called first gets first pick. meanwhile senate majority leader henry reed said the senate must act quickly to create jobs and other pressing legislation. this comes in the midst of the lame duck session. he also took senate minority leader mitch mcconnell to stance for his opinion on the bush era tax cuts. >> as you know my friend senator mcconnell has offered legislation to extend them all, costing $4 trillion. if he wants a vote on that, i'll happy to arrange that but
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he should help arrange a vote on 215. >> now that number refers to his idea of only extending the tax cuts for those making $250,000 or less. earlier reid vowed to call for a vote on the "don't ask, don't tell" when the senate returns from the thanksgiving break. the house ethics committee has recommended charlie rangel be censured for financial conduct. he was found guilty of 11 ethics violations. rangel admits his finances and fundraising were sloppy, but referring to himself here as your member, he said he never tried to enrich himself. >> it would really help, and i don't think it's out of line, if the committee didn't say it before that you could put in that report no matter what you agree the sanctions would be that your member was not corrupt and did not seek and did not gain anything
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personally for the bad conduct that i've had. >> now the recommendation for censure now goes to the full house. to the latest now in the chandra levy murder trial. deliberations continue today to determine the fate of the man accused of killing chandra levy. ingmar guandique faces murder charges in the 2001 disappearance and death of levy. yesterday jurors worked without sending a note or asking a question. the jury also got a late start because of tighter security around the courthouse. d.c. police meantime have identified the man whose body was found in a box left off of i-70 near frederick last tuesday. they say 36-year-old jacobo vasquez was shot by marvin pal ensia in an office building on constitution avenue. according to sources, valencia was angry that valazquez was having an affair with his wife. he was seen driving a gray
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odyssey honda and the tags say pal ensia. if you see it you're asked to call police. and now to ohio where a missing persons investigation turns into a homicide. this is after authorities find the bodies of a another, son and family friend in a wood wood area. an ex-convict might be behind the murders. >> reporter: police found the bodies of three people who vanished more than a week ago. authorities announcing the discovery of tina herman, her 11-year-old son cody and herman's friend 41-year-old stephanie sprang. >> the bodies were located in a wooded area inside of garbage bags in a hollow tree off of yankee street which is west of frederick here in knox of knox county. >> reporter: this comes day after herman's 13-year-old daughter was rescued from hoffman's basement. he was charged with kidnapping and has appeared in court but has not entered a plea.
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authorities say that hoffman gave them the information that led to the discovery of the bodies. >> mr. hoffman remains in the county jail on the kidnapping charge. >> reporter: the victims were first reported missing november 10th. a day later authorities found an unusual amount of blood in herman's home and her pick up was found near the campus of kenyan college. authoritys will continue to investigate what happened. >> -- this is a homicide investigation and it is the homicide of three individuals. what will happen next is the homicide investigation continues. >> reporter: it is unclear how hoffman may be connected to the four victims but authorities suggest he may have been watching them. no motive has been disclosed. in chicago, steve brown, fox news. and there could be a major break in the natalee holloway disappearance case. a jaw prone with a tooth belonging to a young woman was
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found last week. they've requested her dental records. she disappeared in 2005 during a high school graduate trip. the major suspect is jailed in peru in a separate murder case. police at the university of maryland arrested a 24-year-old man who told them he was on his i was to kill the officer. they got a tip about a man with a knife walking along route 1 yesterday afternoon and caught up with him after a brief foot chase. they say that man of greenbelt had just been released from jail and told campus police he was on his way to kill the officer who previously arrested him. a major admission from officials at ft. detrick. after claims of a cancer cluster in the area, the military base admits a toxic substance was sprayed in the area. the details are ahead. plus we'll introduce you to the new top prosecutor in prince george's county. what she has planned for her time in office. much more ahead this morning. don't go anywhere. as we go to break, we do want you to take a look at your
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screen. sky fox is over a nasty accident in prince william's county. a truck over turned on the i-95 ramp todale boulevard. we're not sure about any injuries and it's not clear what the truck was carrying. we'll keep an eye on this and have more details as they surface. we'll be back in just a moment. g
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we've got the latest on the corruption investigation in prince george's county. detention hearings for two of the three police officers have been delayed. two appeared in court yesterday. some of delabrer's family came to his defense. both are accused of participating in a cigarette and alcohol smuggling operation. for the first time in eight years there will be a new top prosecutor in prince george's county. glenn ivey is on his way out,
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replaced by angela alsobrooks. wisdom martin talked to her about the county, dealing with crime and the ongoing corruption investigation. >> you worked with jack johnson, watching that on the news, seeing the county executive getting arrested, seeing the incoming newly elected council member, his wife, getting arrested as well, and then seeing a couple of days later, a couple of high ranking police officers, sergeant and corporal getting arrests for corruption. your reaction to that particular issue? >> that is an on going investigation. but what i can say about it is it was deeply painful for me. i think that's the honest response. and for -- and for every person that lives here, it was deeply painful. but i'm committed to moving forward. i want the people of prince george's county to know that i'm excited about taking the helm of this office, that i intend to run a transparent office, that i'm an honest person and i intend to lead in
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an honest way and work as hard as possible to make sure we are represented in a first-class manner. >> but one of the reputations here in the county is that there is a lot of crime. how do you re assure people in the county that have put you in this position to be tough on the crime? >> the reality is that we are at a 30 year low in terms of crime. and i've said all along that we ought to send the message, and we will, that crime won't be tolerated in prince george's county. i'm a life long resident and raising a family here as well and i've heard from residents loud and clear they want to live if a safe place and raise their families in a safe place, they want businesses to come here. >> when you take office, what are some of the pressing issues as a prosecutor you're going to face in this county? >> well one of the major challenges we have in this office would be resources. we have about 68 attorneys here and we handle in many instances much more crime than other jurisdictions. for example, baltimore has --
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we outpace baltimore in car thefts, in robberies, in rapes. yet they have over 200 attorneys and we have about 68 prosecutors handling the same and in some instances more crime. so one of the challenges that we face is bringing more resources to this office, being able to pay attorneys, to attract them and to detain them. >> and all of it doesn't have to be with money. bringing in interns to help with the case loads and there are other things we can do as well. >> now that was wisdom martin reporting. alsobrooks is working on a domestic violence facility that will be the first in the county. it will be an around the clock family justice center to allow victims to have many resources under one roof. allison. >> thank you, tony. now to a major admission of officials at ft. detrick. they now say they sprayed agent orange in an area where people say they are dying of cancer. it capped years of speculation. the base held public hearing
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back in july. and then in october the health department releases a report that didn't find any evidence of higher rates of cancer. gurvir joins us with more on all of this. good morning. >> reporter: allison, good morning. the information was quietly released op wednesday. it's a total reversal from what fort officials previously said. for nearly 30 years the fort admitted it sprayed agent orange in the area. it points to a culture i a cover-up at the base is what activists say. >> reporter: this is a busy neighborhood outside of fort detrick. it is filled with businesses and homes but now officials admit it was sprayed with agent orange over a span of nearly 25 years. from 1944 to 1968. including a 62,000 square foot parcel land known as area a which houses the base today. all along ft. detrick officials have denied any aerial spraying of agent orange. >> we need to get detrick out
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of the way. and to be honest. >> we need to get the epa out of the way. and there needs to be a congressional investigation to where it is nonbiased. >> reporter: back in august detrick scientists told a crowd agent orange experimentation was limited to on base green houses and not outside of enclosed buildings. however in early october fox 5 uncovered this 2006 report prepared for the u.s. army. the 85-page document details aerial spraying at detrick. it shows how at was sprayed at night from 20-foot towers mounted on the back of a pickup. >> and we're looking into the archives of that right now. >> reporter: the organization maintains agent orange is why there is a cancer cluster in frederick. activists have said this is only the tip of the iceberg. >> he said a, b, c, d and e and he said we don't know how much
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and we don't know the extent of how far it actually went out. but we did cover the area. >> reporter: thursday ft. detrick down played the report saying there is no public health risk. a spokesman issued a statement saying in part, quote, during that same period the average farmer used nearly 50-pounds per year compared to fort detrick's scientistic usage of only 17 pounds during the entire 30 year period, including indoor laboratory testing. >> this is what they're good at. they'll say it's's just a little bit. it won't harm you. it's nothing more than farmers tilling the soil. you can find it in moss growing. i don't believe a word they say. these are the same people that said we didn't spray filth. these are the same people that said the water is safe to drink. >> reporter: and we also learned that area b already declared a superfun site for cleanup was sprayed with a tactical higher grade of agent orange. it's the same area where randy
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white's family lived and his daughter died two years ago. his former wife is being buried today. tony and allison, over to you. >> it boggles the mind. and they are seeking -- they want a big investigation? >> reporter: as you heard him say, they want congress to get involved and want a congressional investigation. we don't know whether congress will do that. but we're going to stay on top of it and get the latest. >> gurvir, thank you very much. in other news, president obama is out of the country again. where he's off to now and what he hopes to accomplish while he's gone. and holly is helping kick our holiday shopping into high gear. that's gorgeous. i love that b. emblem. did you know that? >> reporter: i picked this out just for you. >> i love that b. >> reporter: i shop for you or what? tony, i have this dancing reindeer tie for you. >> i love that. >> reporter: and tell tucker i'm serving up for him a dirty martini on a cracker. where can you find all of this?
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at the marriott wardman where we are live for the 22nd annual capital collection of holiday shops put on by the junior league. coming up, just consider me your personal shopper. i'll tell you how to come out and shop not only amongst great vendors but to do it all for a good cause. that's all live later. >> you're very good at that. >> i love that b. >> that's right up your alley. and here is a look at the trivia question. what 1963 western movie starring john wayne and marino harrah was based on the taming of the shrew? the answer is coming up later. you can take a guess now by heading to our facebook page. keep it here. fox 5 morning news is going to be right back. 
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welcome back. 9:23 now n. knew zealand 27 miners are missing after an explosion in a coal mine overnight. it happened on new zealand's south island in a remote area in rugged mountains. two of the miners managed to
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walk out of the mine this morning. they said the other two dozen workers were right behind them but they never showed up. rescue workers can't go into the mine yet because of a build- up of gas. the missing miners are about a mile underground. new reports out by the national transportation safety board reveal details of two plane crashes in virginia. federal investigators say a 2008 small plane crash was caused because of an improper repair to the plane's stabilizer. two people died. a separate report said pilot error is the cause of a crash at leanna in 2009 that killed a man and his daughter. well most of this week, during the 9:00 hour, we've been talking about forgiveness. so this week's ask allison plays right into that theme. our viewer question is coming up next. and the redskins coming off a short break from monday night's big loss, gearing up
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for the titans. dave ross is hanging with the junkies this morning at 106.7. they're up next to talk about what we can expect this weekend. d fphgege
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in a developing story this morning, president barack obama and portugal's president are speaking ahead of a big meeting of nato alliesch this is a live look. that meeting goes on for the next couple of days. it's described as one of the most important summits in the history of that alliance. leaders are discussing changes to the structure of nato and a new missile defense system for nato. tomorrow they're going to talk about an exit strategy for afghanistan. it is time for this week's ask allison question. and this really continues our theme from this week about forgivenessch the question that was sent in it super long so
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let me set up the crux of the ask allison part of it. a another left her two little girls, one is 3 and one is 6, with a friend, who also has a 3- year-old girl. she went out for a rare night. she never goes out. here is what happened, though. she said she got a phone call like an hour into her time off and the end is, quote, now my baby girl had three of her four pony tails cut off and handed to me. i'll explain this. okay. i am almost without words due to the anger that is oozing out of my pours. my friend apologized to me in person and i just cannot talk. i am angry. when they were left at the mom's house with the 3-year- old, the 3-year-old daughter cut off the other 3-year-old's pony tail. she had four tails and she cut off three of them with scissors. let me just say this.
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i know this woman personally, this was an e-mail to a group of her girlfriends. i answered it and she said, feel free to take it to the larger viewing public. i'm going to tell you what i told her. the another feels terrible about what happened. as you said, she reached out multiple times to apologize for the actions of her daughter, the little girl is only 3 years old. remember how 3 years old is. she's just a baby. i understand, mom, that you're angry with your friend and the little girl too. she took a moment to reprimand the little girl by what saying what you you did was wrong and nothing more. but what happens at the end of the day is it's just hair and it will grow back. you should not let that define your child. she's a beautiful child. hair is just hair. it should not mean the end of a friendship. the call could have been that your little girl suffered a terrible physical accident. it might have meant a long rehabilitation, or even worse.
9:31 am
this is just hair. and the longer e-mail said she turned her head for a minute to get a dvd when this happened. well the baby-sitting mom couldn't watch her constantly. she would have been sitting there watching them her entire time. and as a mom, you know how things happen. i understand your anger and i've been through it. my younger girl cut a chunk from the older one and the older girl cut off her own hair. and it's unfortunate. in both instances i was mad. and you have to deal with three of the pony tails handed to you and cut off. but at the end of the day, i hope that you find a way to end little girl and yourself too for letting them be with a friend and letting yourself go out and get some me-time, because her hair will grow back. but it's hard. i know it's really hard. >> but i -- >> and those are everyday
9:32 am
things that we are charged with forgiving. very infrequently do we have the big things we saw in the report. >> i think you're right. i think you're right. it's hair and it will grow back. it's very unfortunate it had. >> there are very cute little products. she's three. it will grow back. >> and allison, you get very hard questions. ask the weather guy are much easier. and if you cut tony's hair like that, it won't grow back. >> what does that have to do with it. >> it doesn't grow back as it was before. >> no, it would probably not grow back. >> but any way. >> we understand the anger, but -- >> you have to let it go. >> and let it grow. >> there you go. >> that was clever. cool start to the day. bring along a jacket and a hat if you want to keep your head warm. >> that's not funny, tucker. [ laughter ] >> temperatures out there in the 30s and 40s. let's get to it. temperature trend the next couple of days, 60 degrees tomorrow after a cool one
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today. our average daytime high in the 50s. tomorrow 60. up and down the next couple of days. nice warming trend into early next week. mid to upper 60s by next week. and then the bottom falls out toward the end of next week. just in time for thanksgiving temperatures will cool down. so get ready. 49 at reagan national. culpeper popped to 50. 45 in manassas. 43 in gaithersburg. 46 for you as you start your morning in frederick. let's go east. annapolis is 46. leonardtown is 45 degrees. so again, not a bad start. we have partly sunny conditions out there. should be a mostly sunny afternoon. not a lot happening. not much to tell you about here as high pressure is going to be building in. you can see the quiet conditions across the mid- atlantic. few clouds off to the north and west and even snowflakes flying today in upstate new york and in wednesday earn pennsylvania but here not much of anything. high pressure building to west and that will create nice days
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around here. so this -- this afternoon mostly sunny and cool. and 52 degrees and winds out of the west at 5-10 miles per hour. later tonight we're cold. so jacket weather returns. 38 degrees and low 30s outside of the beltway so freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. winds out of the west at 5-10. here is your five-day forecast forecast. and the weekend forecast is fine. a lot of sunshine and dry weather. cooler on sunday. and there is the warm-up by tuesday, with highs in the mid to upper 60s. maybe a few showers late in the day on tuesday. that's a look at the forecast. i hope you have a great weekend. now let's talk redskins with tony. not just me. the redskins head to tennessee for the sunday matchup with the titans and they take with them lingering controversy comments. case in point, carlos rogers seemingly trying to protect his free agent chances in explaining why he won't be playing on sunday. we're talking about this with
9:35 am
our own dave ross who is hanging out with the yankees at 106.7 the fan. guys, are you there? >> yes. >> good morning. >> before we jump in, i want to play this quote. i saw this on tv last night. carlos rogers had the little injury. he's banged up. probably not playing on sunday. i want to play his explanation for why. take a listen and here it is. >> i'm not going to put my body in jeopardy just to be out there. and then i can't perform the way i want to perform and put something bad on me. that's not helping me individually or this team. >> wow, tony. i know this doesn't sit well with you. how does it sit with you guys? >> i can understand guys thinking that but to say it with a mic in your face, that's idiotic. >> isn't that their job to put their physicality in jeopardy. he's already thinking about next season which means he's punted this season. which is bad. >> i'm not surprised that tony
9:36 am
is outraged by that. >> and add carlos to the long list of guys that won't be here next year. just add him to the list. >> and we thought that last year and he came back. >> you can't say stuff under shanahan's watch and not survive that. >> and it's not like he's helping the defense. look at the numbers. they're hidus. see you later carlos rogers. >> what is going on with the team? i heard kyle shanahan yesterday being asked about their dismal performance on third down and i said you can't look at one thing. we're doing good things on first and second down and he's happy with how the offense is doing. is he not seeing what we are seeing week after week? >> this they were doing good things on first and second down there won't be a third down. so tony, you're right. and to another point with mcnabb and guys who might or might not be here next year. we talked about the out in the contract all morning. do you think they might
9:37 am
exercise that out? >> i would find it hard to believe. i guess a lot depends on how he plays the last seven weeksm i would be shocked if they went a different direction for next year. but who will sanna han bring in -- shanahan bring in? >> he doesn't have anybody. they gave him $3.5 million to have the right of first refusal and in the grand scheme of things, this is the most profitable franchise in the nfl. so this is pocket change to dan snyder. it gives them flexibility. >> in all likelihood, he will be the starting quarterback for the next three years and they just need him to pay better. and hast year he a great year. >> i would be shocked in -- three years, i think he's the starting quarterback this year and next year. if he's not getting it done after that, he's bye-bye d-mac.
9:38 am
>> can you exercise that out in the couldn't -- contract. >> those guys that are drafted in the later rounds, there are pressure and more time to develop them and they end up being as good as the first round guys. >> and tony perkins bark to you and before we let you go, you've heard their comments. if they're still in, are you still in? because you're a redskins fan. >> i am in. and i have to say the organizations losing me. >> just go get yourself a ravens jersey. >> i've thought about it. >> don't be a stranger. >> i would like to be out there with you sometime. >> come on out. >> thanks, tony. >> good to see you dave. 106.7 the fan. >> i don't believe you're out. not for a minute. >> oh, believe it. believe it. >> right. >> i believe it. >> i don't. >> you'll see. when you see me next year in a ravens' jersey. >> that's when i will believe
9:39 am
it. the wait is over for wizards and muguls. the movie opened up at midnight. did harry potter deliver? kevin mccarthy gives us his take. and plus we all need a change of scenery. what is that? i'm sorry. i cannot speak. we all need a change of scenery from time to time. so does the hope diamond. details behind the new setting. how pretty. >> stunning. the saying "easy as pie," i get it now.
9:40 am
just unroll it, fill, top, bake, and present. that must have taken you forever! it was really tough. make a pie with pillsbury tonight. with cinnabon cinnamon
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have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls.
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i will be the one to kill harry potter. >> don't kill him. there's one more movie to go. excitement is at a fever pitch for harry potter. harry potter and the deathly hallows part one is in the theaters now. check out the crowd at the uptown theater for the midnight showing. kevin mccarthy with 106.7 the fan joins us earlier in the
9:43 am
studio with his review. >> here is the deal. i have seen every one of the harry potters and not read the book. this is the best harry potter film. this movie is fun and goes by very quickly. the elf is my favorite character. i love this film. it's 2 hour and 15 minutes and it wizzed by and it's a perfect setup for the second one in july. >> harry potter and the deathly hallows part one marks the seven and final adventure. the second part of the film will be released this summer. ladies, you pay rather spend your free time looking at this next video. >> roll it. we're talking about a beautiful new setting for one of the world's most famous diamonds. the smithsonian museum of natural history unveiled a new look for the 45.5 karat hope diamond to celebrate the centennial. it is in the temporary setting
9:44 am
of a necklace of 340 diamonds. master craftsman at harry winston jewelers designed the new setting called embracing hope. hairy winston donated the diamond to the museum in 1958. it is the most visited object at the smithsonian. there seems to be a line. >> more than the moon rock? >> i would rather see that than the moon rock. i would want to see the moon rock but i could see that. >> they could put them next to each other. it's beautiful in that setting. they should keep it in that. it's fantastic. >> you've reppedered -- rendered me speechless. >> and you know that takes a lot. that's a rarity. here is a guy who cannot be speechless because he talks for a living. 40 straight hours of stand-up comedy. that's what it took to get into the guinness book of world records. bob barley joins us live to
9:45 am
talk about the experience. >> he's here and awake. and holly is up next about details about a shopping event you don't want to miss. details are up next. don't go anywhere. ♪
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♪ hello sunshine ♪ sweet as you can be ♪ i love waking up [ chuckles ] ♪ to your morning melody ♪ i can tell it's gonna be ♪ a sweet day [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey for a yummy sweet taste that's just right. and the 100% natural whole grain oats treat your heart sweet. because they can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. ♪ you're sweet to me bee happy. bee healthy.
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there it is. what you see here is comedian bob barley breaking the record for the longest stand-up performance this last september. you can see him perform at the improv this weekend. i'm glad to have you here. one of the top comics in the country. but you did this for 40 hours? >> i did it for the barbara bush children's hospital in maine so it was a charity to raise money for that. but it was crazy. the first hour into it, i was like this is going to be great. no problem at all. six hours in, i was like this
9:49 am
is the worst thing i've ever done. why would i do this? and it put my family through the mill. preparing for it was awful. i was under the belief you could go as long as you could without repeating the material and i'm down in the basement like matt damon in goodwill hunting writing on the windows. and my agent said after four hours you could repeat material. and i said that would be good to know a month ago. >> and they brought in new audiences? >> almost every hour. and i had to keep talking. and the guinness book guy in the back was like, keep talking. you were allowed a five-minute break every hour but i grew up iric catholic, really poor, so i'm like i'm going to save all of that break time. and so i saved it up --
9:50 am
>> it doesn't work up that way. >> well 30 hours in i took a 15- minute break. and that was worse. there was one guy in the audience, one guy that there was the whole time. he was in the front row and i said i'm here for you man. i'm here for the full 40 hours and i'm like this guy is great. and three hours in i'm like i'm going to kill this guy. he would raise his hand 3 minutes in, and i'm like you're not in the contest. nobody cares. >> and i finished it and it was a great experience and we raised about $24,000 for the children's hospital in maine. >> in maine. and you're from maine? >> yeah, i'm from maine. and i've been to d.c. quite a bit. and i love d.c. and somebody told me before i came down, be careful, d.c. has a lot of crime. and i've never experienced that. i've been here 12 times and
9:51 am
then i googled it. and it said there's crime and i'm walking around at cv s yesterday, i'm ready for anything. i find this place to be really polite. i like the fact that the streets are lettered and numbered. so if you have an evening of drinking, you can still find your hotel as long as know your alphabet and numbers. it's like a game of battleship every night. l-17. there should be a ramada inn around ear somewhere. and the only thing is that the crosswalks tell you how much time you have before you get hit by a car. and i use all of my time in the crosswalk. do a little soft shoe. and they're honking their horn. i have 28 seconds left. >> and you've done something that few comedians have done. you've done all of the late- night shows. all of them. >> i haven't done kimmel yet. would you like to do that. but all of the other shows i've
9:52 am
done and i've been doing it now almost 20 years. so i love to do it. i'm married with three kids and people say how do you get material, it's like -- there is a wealth of material when you have kids. and the other night i'm sleeping and if you have kids you know what i'm talking about and have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and is standing next to your bed. and i rolled over and i -- >> it's scary. >> hey, dad, do you want to play a game. i'm going to call the police, okay, damien. >> bob marley, at the improv, we have all of the details at and check him out online. and all kinds of videos and cds out there. very good to see you, sir. >> thank you so much for having me. have a great weekend. >> you do the same. >> that is so funny. tony, thank you so much.
9:53 am
well shoppers get your wallets ready, it's time for the 52nd annual collection of holiday shops. and it's kicking off today and through sunday. and holly morris is at the marriott wardman hotel this morning with the details. >> reporter: more shopping for you, allison. look at what i found. isn't this cool. >> see we worked together for like 10 and a half years, thank you, holly. i love it. >> reporter: well you're going to love it more. because you know what these beads are, these are ground coffee made into beans from columbia. and this flower is made out of orange peels that have been dyed. i love that. i think that is so cool. i found a few other things for tony, i got a thing for his change. it's engraved with seize the day, as i know he always does. and then for tucker, i found this hat because he strikes me as the type that likes a christmas story so he can wear this hat and watch the movie. any way, we're having a lot of fun here and the great thing about the capital collection of
9:54 am
holiday shops is that while you're here shopping, checking all of those names off your christmas list, you can know that you're doing it for a good cause because the junior league of washington has a very special mission and this fundraiser that they have helps them complete that mission. maria marks is the president and she joins me. good morning to you, ma'am. >> good morning. how are you? >> reporter: i'm doing very well. i'm shopping, shopping. and i'm doing well. and people don't realize, this is your largest and oldest fundraiser and a big deal for you all? >> it is a huge deal for us. it allows us to give back to the community and give back to literacy here in d.c. >> reporter: and it's not like you have one agency that you work with. you have 25 different agencies that you help support. what kind of dent have you made in those agencies? >> that's correct. in over 98 years we've given back millions of volunteer hours, over $5.2 million worth of grants to the community. we've worked -- in the last
9:55 am
year 400 volunteers worked at the library of congress at the national book festival where you bring literacy. and we have 1500 women working with family life services as he help educate, courage and mentor women and children as they move on a path from homelessness toward their life goals. >> reporter: you're doing great work and it's a great organization and this is a great event. and you constantly have to raise the bar. and so they bring in exciting things. this is sue markly with gallery 1401 and good morning, miss sue. >> good morning. >> reporter: and tell me about the wonderful paintings behind me. >> we have an artist that we are featuring this year and her name is eve plum and some of you may know her as jan brady from the brady bunch. >> reporter: how long has she been an artist? >> for 20 years. >> reporter: and she's very
9:56 am
good. and she's going to be here. >> she'll be here today at 11:30. >> reporter: and she'll be here all weekend or one night? >> just about one night.and she's doing an off broadway show in new york and so she's in transition of moving from california to new york and on her way she's stopping her. >> reporter: do you feature her art a lot in your gallery? >> it is. it's hard to lose when you can buy a celebrity piece of art. >> reporter: where is one that says marsha, marsha, marsha. >> where is it. it sold a long time ago. >> reporter: thank you so much for bringing this out. and i want to come back over here with maria and walk down because it looks like we have some official shopping that has begun. and when you go about finding your vendors, some are old and old favorites, how do you go about choosing because this is a good show to be a part of. >> we have people apply to do this. we also have some of our folks reach out to vendors they may know as well. >> reporter: well i'm a huge fan of the show. like i said, when i very first started here this morning i
9:57 am
have bought many a christmas gift at the capital collection of holiday shops. that's what i'm trying to say. here is what you need to know. is our website. we have a link to theirs. it opens -- this is a little special preview for these people -- it opens to the public at 11:00 a.m. on saturday and sunday. and don't forget about the special events, the girls night out tonight, tis the season tomorrow night and then my big tip of the day is come early on saturday and sunday do the sip and shop. we'll have more fox 5 morning news when we come back. stay with us. e
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